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  • The man who sold the future

    The man who sold the future

    Good predictions are hard to make. Predictions made on the hoof may sound inspirational, but are riddled with biases. But good learnings can be drawn from bad predictions.

  • Living with digital

    Living with digital

    Some technological inventions can slip easily into our lives. Others, either immediately or eventually, become hard to live with. Given our contemporary and future constraints, how well will the current crop of digital-era technologies fare?

  • Paying attention

    Paying attention

    Micropayments, made up of fractions of pennies, would have completely changed online expressions of value: a space dominated by ‘likes’ and subscriptions. They may still.

  • A culture of digital discrimination

    A culture of digital discrimination

    When you book yourself a flight, you are typically given a six-digit alphanumeric string as your reference number. By entering this code into your airline’s app, for example, every detail of your booking can be retrieved. This joining-up of the many datapoints needed for passengers to board is one of the ways in which the travel industry has embraced the digital era. Yet, there are many other areas in which the handling of passengers’ information is disjointed. What causes these discrepancies?

  • Maximum viable potential

    Maximum viable potential

    Internet-era innovations often arrive to tremendous fanfare. Most prove insignificant, but some have been behaviour-changing. Is the willingness to embrace the full spectrum of behaviours an indicator of success?